How much do you charge?

It varies. I generally work on a project basis, so there’s no specific hourly or per image rate to quote.

If you email me a small jpeg and description of the project, I’ll reply with a no-obligation quote.

How quickly do you work?

Most projects can be completed in 24 to 48 hours. I have an efficient workflow and excellent work ethic, and I’m proud of my record of meeting and beating deadlines.

My clients can always expect me to be professional and sensitive to their needs.

I haven’t worked with a retoucher before, how does it work?


1. Email me a small jpeg and description of the project. I’ll reply with a no-obligation quote.

2. If you wish to proceed, send me the high resolution file and any additional instructions.

3. I will work on the project, contacting you with any questions.

4. I then email you a low res jpeg for approval. If revisions are necessary, I’ll go back to step 3.

5. Once approved, I will send you a link to download the high resolution file.

I live in another state, can I still work with you?

Yes! I have clients across the country and in other countries.

How do we exchange files?

Low resolution jpegs can simply be emailed.

High resolution files should be saved into a .zip file. If under 10MB, the file can be safely emailed.

For larger files, Dropbox, Hightail or any other online file transfer service will work. I usually use my own FTP for sending you our completed images.

For very large or mulitple files, it may be necessary to mail a portable drive.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay using any major credit or debit card, PayPal, check or money order. I’ll typically invoice you via email once the work is completed.

Can I send you royalty-free images to work on?

Yes! I commonly receive royalty-free and stock images for revision.

Given the expense of photography and models, it’s often more cost effective to buy images and have them customized to your needs.

Will you work on any type of subject matter?

I withhold the right to refuse a project for any reason.

That said, I work on a wide variety of projects for clients across many industries, and do not reject any work based solely on category or genre.

Can you use my ICC profile?

Yes. In fact, using a printer’s ICC profile is preferable for producing optimum results. If you’re not sure whether your printer uses a specific profile, I’d be happy to speak directly to the printer’s production department.

Some printers are unwilling to give out their ICC profiles because they’re considered proprietary resources. Without a specific printer profile, I typically save files with their existing profiles unless otherwise specified.

Can you handle large format images?

Yes, I’ve worked on many extremely large images, including billboards and large format displays.

Because of their enormous size, these images typically require extra time.

Do you scan images?

I can make reasonable quality scans of reflective art on a desktop scanner. For transparencies, I would send out to a service bureau for high quality scans.

Do you restore personal photographs?

I typically work business to business only, but on occasion I’m asked to do photo restoration and other personal projects. Please contact me for more information.

Are you a Photographer?

I do not do photography, but I can recommend professional photographers at your request.

Are you a Graphic Designer?

I am not a Graphic Designer.

Help! I need some Photoshop advice!

Sure, you can always contact me for some free Photoshop advice. I often get emails asking for help, and I’m happy to answer them. It’s good business and good karma.


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